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Who we are?

Standing at the verge of Twenty First Century, the world population is living in an ever rapidly changing environment. Significant development which have never been witnessed in the past, such as dismantled political ideologies, multipolarized global economy, regional integration and the emerging age of information, all signal the advent of a new era. Rapid development in science and technology, specifically in information and communications technology, have contributed immensely in eliminating artificial boundaries. This has resulted into a Global Market, leading the world to create a single economic block.

On the economic front, nations have entered an epoch of unlimited competition with the establishment of the WTO, advocating free trade. The changing structure and the quality of the global economy has greatly influenced the overall corporate business environment. And at this advent it becomes more important for Avon Containners to be more competitive and more effective. By pursuing our own strategy of “Quality & Service”, We will ensure that our operations will run competitively among the all leading company. We will focus at providing the best customer service with Quality & delievery. Moving ahead with the growing needs of our business operations and enhancing our business functions, we will strive at becoming a business organizer with higher added values

Our Strengths

  1. We have Two 5Ply Automatic Corrugated Board Plant which have a Decal size of 1800 mm with a Combination of Flute (B&A).
  2. Our Production Capacity is 2000 Mt Ton per month in a shift.
  3. Allied group companies in other campus ensures production support during any rare operational difficulties.
  4. The total area is 82500 approx. sq. ft. Within campus with a covered area of 60,000 approx. Sq. ft.
  5. Situated at stones throw from National Highway Enabling smooth material movement and connectivity.
  6. Captive Power generation of 325 KVA + 325 KVA + 125 KVA within campus for Backup.
  7. A well maintained lab for essential inspection activities.

Our Achievements

Sales in 2012-13 / 68 crore
Sales in 2010-2011 / 46.9 crore
Sales in 2008-2009 / 19.4 crore
Sales in 2005-2006 / / 5.1 crore

Quality, Policy & Objective

  1. To produce consistently high quality Achievements through innovation, development and improvement.
  2. To provide great customer’s satisfaction by delivery, quality Achievements and services at the right time.
  3. To invest modernization as to have significant improvement.
  4. To be identified and recognized in global market.
  5. Last But Not The Least – Be financially successful and profitable company.

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